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Our Story and Origins
Tour On 2 Wheelers

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Tour On 2 Wheelers might look like travel agency related to only Bike Trips on the outside but it is much more than that, we organise group tours to connect strangers from every corner of India and trying to make a family of Tour On 2 Wheelers to resolve the boundaries of travelling with strangers.

The travel agency in India and across the globe claims that they are the best tour operator and will give you best travel package, may they would be best but our aim is to help everyone to achieve their travel dreams in the process, we do not claim to be best because if we failed to connect people with us than it would not make us best for them. So, we do our work in a best way for our customers and our family of strangers make us best.

We started in 2017 as city tour service in Rishikesh for local sightseeing, all we learned from our past that how we can connect our customers and being with our customers teaches you that how to deal with uncertain questions and what to be added in our services, because every customers have their own different need.

But since than we have grown and now, we know how to connect with strangers and make them into a big happy family while preparing travel just the same as before. All we learned till now that whatever we will do is for our family of Tour On 2 Wheelers and for the love, they shown us every time. We couldn’t be here if the first customer who tried our city ride for the first time didn’t put their faith in us.

We don’t want to be the best in the market and most profitable tour operator but we have totally different aim is to be the most loved tour operator all over the India.

The most exciting moment for us to wait for customers from their journey and to hear about their experience without thinking that it would be good or bad. The best moment is when they tell you that we had amazing experience with you and they are going to save those memories for life and that we have helped them to achieve their aspiration to travel.


We have been making travel easy for families, couples, groups as customized trip and independent trips. This helping us to getting more closer to our dreams with each passing day. We believe strongly that our family of strangers will make us one of the most favourite tour operators in the world and will reach to our milestone.

Our goals are same like everyone which is far ahead in the future but somehow we thing that weather or not well achieve them, but we believe that until our family are supporting us, nothing seems impossible. We believe in optional use of environment resources that constitute a key element in tourism development, maintaining essentials ecological processes and helping conserve natural heritage and biodiversity.

Tourism can bring many economic and social benefits, particularly in rural areas and developing places of India. However, tourism can only be sustainable if it is carefully managed so that potential negative effects on the host community and the environment are not permitted to outweigh the financial benefits.

We do not guarantee for the best rates but in services with smiling guides, we do not have 1000’s of travel packages but best of one’s of best places for India. We do not take you only to see the places but people and their culture, because that’s what makes india, INDIA.


Road Trips

Road trips have always been chosen as one of the most exciting things to do while you are in the mood of travelling to refresh, relax or even take a break from your daily life. It could be long Road Trip for just in your city it is loved by everyone.


Getting a hobby to trek to higher mountains and feeling like you are top is one of the amazing feeling ever. Trekking towards mountains teaches you a lot of life lesson that if you want to achieve or want to you somewhere you have to just walk or keep trying.

Bike Rental​

To make your travel independently in Uttarakhand we have rental bike which you can hire from Rishikesh and Dehradun. Travelling independently teaches you a lot about planning your trip and taking right decision at the right and the right place.

River Rafting​

Rishikesh is specially known for its YOGA & ADVENTURE and of course its spiritual culture too. But if you are also an adventure lover and want to get close to waves then you must try this wonderful, thrilling and exciting River Rafting in Rishikesh.


Living with nature, mountains and under the sky with bonfire connects you one step toward nature. Jungle camping in Rishikesh, Kanatal, Mussoori, Chopta and Deoria tal are one the ultimate places in Uttarakhand. Camping is recreational activity, away from cities and towns in the lap of nature with fresh air and wildlife company.

Customized Packages

Get customized tour packages across India and that are totally independent, get close to culture of that place and come close to nature in the Himalayas. India has several cultures and many beautiful places which has its own quality that represent it all over the world.