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Why Brahamtal Trek is Best Peak Winter Trek

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According to the locals of Lohajung that Brahamtal trek is a very unique and classic trek. Everything that you want to have on winter trek you can get it on the Brahamtal trek. As everyone wants to see snow falling in winters so you get that in abundance.

Then you can experience a sense of adventure, and you will get a lot of it because you will be climbing from about 8000 feet to about 12000 feet, you can reach to a high point, you can see the terrific views, forest on the trek, snow-covered forest floor, so whatever you want to experience on winter trek you can get it on Brahamtal trek.

Now there is something important about the Brahamtal trek which may not know many people, see most of the winter treks are closed in January and February because of heavy snowfall, but not Brahamtal. Brahamtal is one of the unique winter treks which can be done in January and February.

We are not sure that you will be able to go to the very last point of this trek but 90% of the trek you can cover and that is the reason that Brahamtal trek is open even in January and February.

The flowers that blooms on this trek, something more about this trek.

March and April, that is when the Rhododendrons come out to bloom your mind during the trek. And the whole hill-side is on fire. It is absolutely red and scarlet and vermillion.

The colours that you can imagine and you are walking under his canopy of trees and then you have the snow and then you have this outstanding 360-degree mountain view.

View of mountains during this trek.

It is kind of accentuates that you can see the views of mountains from Brahamtal Trek because there is a very deep valley in-between. When you are on the top, near Brahamtal and it’s a vast land area, which is on the top of a ridge, and you at the height at 12500 ft, so that’s a really good height to see very good mountains views.

So Brahamtal gives you very grand views of the big mountains like Nandaghunti, Trishul, Maiktoli and when you are finished seeing this side, behind you get to see this lovely Chaukhamba Peaks. Neelkant and the other big mountains from the other side and they all look very close so it’s very grand view.

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